New banners bring ‘color’ to the campus

13 years ago Comments Off on New banners bring ‘color’ to the campus

Banners celebrating the university’s 125th birthday sprung up all over campus light posts last semester. This semester new orange and white banners with the university’s SH logo have been placed to “bring color” to campus, said Special Events Coordinator, Maggie Babcock.

She said the banners are “very visual”. At this time there are no plans to change the banners for university special events, holidays, or seasons, but options are being considered.

Clinical Psychology grad student, Beverly le Roux, said the banners “add to the spirit of the school.” She also said she thinks it was a great idea because “investing in the minor details make the whole a better package.”

SHSU visitor, Pablo Zuniga, said “I think the banners add a professional aspect to the campus because you are continually reminded that you are at a place of higher learning.”