SHSU students raise money for organizations at Reliant Arena during Super Bowl XXXVIII

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Thirty-six Sam Houston State University students attended the Super Bowl as part of a fundraiser Sunday night.

These students are members of the Sam Houston chapter of the national Kappa Alpha fraternity. They attended the game as part of a fundraiser through Aramark Food Services.

The KA members worked the big game to earn money for a fraternity house they want to build on some land near campus.

Willis Braden, the president, said that the fraternity does not have a specific amount to earn. However, members have been raising money since last spring.

Aramark caters the food and beverages for all of the sporting teams in Houston. The company allows organizations to work sporting events in order to earn money. This fundraiser is non-profit.

Fifteen of the KA members brought food to members in the press box area and 21 served fans in the club level of the stadium. They served everything except for alcoholic beverages.

Each member who worked in the press box earned $100 while each member in the club level earned $50. The fraternity also earned a certain percentage on all food and beverages sold throughout the night.

While serving food, some of the members ran into several celebrities. Chauncey May, the social officer of KA, said that members who worked in the club level saw Beyonce, Paris and Nicole Hilton and Shannon Elizabeth. One student even got Beyonce’s autograph.

Members who worked in the press box saw Tom Arnold and Run DMC, a popular rap group. May said he and a couple of other members got Run DMC’s autograph.

Many members came home with Super Bowl souvenirs. Aramark officials told them before the game what they could and could not take. Every seat in the press box came with a seat cushion. If fans left them behind, they were fair game. Other souvenirs included aprons, shirts and caps. Members also bought various items as well.

The group started the day by leaving SHSU at 5:30 a.m. They arrived at the stadium around 11 a.m. Chris Ruscher, correspondence-secretary of KA, said that the gates opened up at 1 p.m. for the media and people who were working. Ruscher said they had to get there early to go through the security checks. The group had to park in a high school stadium parking lot and be shuttled in.

The group stayed until the game ended. They left the stadium around 11 p.m. and didn’t get back to campus until around 2 a.m.

When asked about security, Ruscher said that security was tighter than normal Texans’ home games. However, he said he only had to pass through one metal detector.

“There was more security than a normal game, but not a lot,” Ruscher said.

KA has worked several sporting events in the past, including baseball games and some of the Houston Texans’ home games. May said that Aramark enforced stricter rules for serving the food than usual.

The Super Bowl was a great experience for many of the members, Ruscher and May said.

“I kinda wished Carolina would have won,” Ruscher said.

“Good experience. Everyone should try and go once in their lives,” Braden said.