Campus political groups anticipate election night

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After the result came from the United States Supreme Court that placed George W. Bush in office, many have waited in anticiaption for this day. Some have waited for things to change and elect a new president while and some have continued in their plans for a re-election.

The Sam Houston Democrats and Republicans have been assisting students in voting early here in Huntsville. Both groups have offered their assitance by taking students to the Walker County Annex office where early votes were taken.

Information tables have been set out during the last few days of early voting. After continuous weekly meetings by each campus political parties, the day that each group, not to mention the entire country, has been waiting for has finally arrived.

Nov. 2 is here and America’s voice will now be heard on who they see as capable to run the country for the next four years. The SHSU Democrats and Republicans will be hosting victory parties for their suspected winner, needless to say one group will go home with the bitter taste of defeat.

The Democrats are hosting their party at the Walker County Democratic Station at 6:30 p.m. off of 1427 Sam Houston Ave., while the Republicans hold their party at 7 p.m. at their station on 1308 Sam Houston Ave.

For more information each group can be contacted (Dem.) and (Rep.)

There are a variety of places that will be taking the votes. Each registration card has a number on it that indicates where your vote can be taken. Each group has this list of places and the registration numbers.