Are online assistance services ethical?

17 years ago Comments Off on Are online assistance services ethical? said it can help you write better papers faster. From English to business to criminal justice, students must write several papers during their college career. With the Internet becoming a widely used resource, more and more sites focus on helping students with these papers. is one of these sites. According to its home page, is the first online subscription-based research service that provides undergraduate college students unlimited access to the full text of tens of thousands of scholarly liberal arts books and journals. Over the next three years they plan to have over 250,000 books and journals in their collection. This means, instead of going to the library or a bookstore, you can read these books and journals also claims to feature a wide range of tools to help students write and research better papers, faster and more efficiently. One of these tools helps students to quickly locate the most relevant information on their topics.”Our powerful, time saving search function allows you to pinpoint your research to find the passage you need without sifting through pages and pages of irrelevant information,” said the website. By simply typing in your topic, the relevant text pops up, saving you hours of “unnecessary reading.””That is great,” sophomore Aaron Carter said. “If I dont have to read the whole book I can get my paper done a lot faster.”While some believe this is a good thing, others disagree.”Does that help?” junior Melissa Renfrow asked. “If you dont read the whole book how can you write an accurate paper?”Another tool automatically cites sources and creates your bibliography.”Another set of research tools helps speed you through the tedium of creating accurate footnotes and bibliographies,” said the website. “As you work, Questia keeps track of your sources and automatically generates footnotes and bibliography entries in accepted style formats to ensure thorough source citation and help you avoid inadvertent plagiarism.””That is the part I could use,” sophomore Rhiannon Canter said. “Citing my sources and doing the bibliography is the hardest part.” The service costs $14.95 for 48 hours, $19.95 a month or $149.95 a year. However, there is a free one-week trial offer.”Id probably try it out,” junior Niki Phelps said, “but I can write pretty good papers. I wouldnt use it for $19.95 a month.”Besides, there are websites where you can buy or copy papers. does not offer this; it simply help you write one of your own.”With its holistic research environment,” said the website, “Questia helps students perform more thorough academic research and write better papers.””Its like using a calculator,” English professor Dr. Linda Byrd said. “If you know your times tables and you use the calculator for speed then thats OK. If you know how to write a paper then (these sites) are OK. But it is an injustice if you are not learning.”