Search under way for new associate dean of students

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Applications are now being accepted for the position of SHSU’s associate dean of students, said Col. Dennis Culak, search committee chair.The position became available when previous Associate Dean of Students Frank Parker was promoted to associate vice president of Student Services/ dean of students, Culak said. “I will have a list of interview applicants in the next two weeks,” said Culak. He also said the committee does not currently have anyone in mind for the position. According to the university Web site, “The associate dean counsels students that are referred for disciplinary problems, investigates charges, takes statements, interrogates witnesses and makes recommendations on sanctions to be imposed.” The dean also represents university appeals, is responsible for the coordination and development of the Freshman Leadership Program and works very closely with selected Residence Life personnel on programs, activities and discipline. The dean will be required to work with the assistant dean to develop and coordinate SAM C.A.R.E.S programs and serve as a member of the University Crisis Response Team. The dean will be responsible for coordinating and advising Alpha Lambda, the National Freshman Honor Society and assisting other Student Life members. He or she must annually research and develop policies and procedures that impact the entire student body, edit and coordinate the publication and distribution of “Guidelines”, the Student Handbook, and will serve all university components in committee assignments, freshman and transfer orientation, and related students services departments. The dean makes daily decisions that are critical to the well being of students and vital to the university image and performs other related duties as assigned.The associate dean of students also develops and maintains appropriate collaborative partnerships with campus programmers, facility managers, faculty and other staff members who can impact student development. The nature and purpose of the position is to administer the Code of Student Conduct and all student affairs policies. The dean will also conduct student programs as assigned by the associate vice president for Student Services and dean of students and will work with staff development and coordinate a wide range of direct delivery student programs and services, particularly those associated with student recruitment and retention initiatives. The associate dean will also assist in handling routine and non-routine office matters, and will serve in place of the associate vice president/ dean of students in their absence. A master’s degree in student personnel administration or related field and a minimum of five years experience in Student Services administration or related university experiences is required. Coordination of university-wide student retentive services and programs is a desirable experience. Candidates could also have a combination of education, experience and training that would produce the required knowledge and abilities.