Pep Rally, a step in the right direction

48 years ago Comments Off on Pep Rally, a step in the right direction

The University experienced a change for the better yesterday by offering a pep rally to all students attending SHSU. From the football players to the orange pride dancers, the pep rally offered a slice of everything to all the lucky students in attendance. What surprised me is that there was a large group of Bearkat supporters.

For the first time since I have been a Bearkat, I felt school pride. I never felt that here at this university, and I believe the university took a step in the right direction.

SHSU rivals A&M and UT during the SFA game week, and I wish every week was like this one. We make this week what it is, and we also have the power to make every game week like this.

Could you imagine what this university would be like if everyone treated each week like this one? We could stop the “suitcase college” stereotype we have been branded with.

I applaud our president for making the pep rally what it was, and I think he is already making a difference with this university. No other president has done anything like this and we encourage more involvement from other faculty members.

This is our home, and you get what you put into this university. I know Huntsville isn’t exactly the most exciting place, but we have the power to make this town ours.

I just also want to urge everyone to come out to the game this Thursday and help the football team axe the Jacks!

Lets make SFA’s time here very unpleasant and make them remember Bearkat country!