Out of The Sammy’s shadown

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In order to highlight the achievements of the Sam Houston State University multi-cultural community, the offices of Multi-cultural and International Student Services (MISS) and Student Activities will present the “Excellence Awards” on April 24 at 7 p.m. in the University Theatre Center.This awards program will applaud the talents and skills of minority students and minority organizations on campus, said director Mosadi Porter for the office of MISS.Although the event will parallel the “Sammy Awards” in some ways, “Our goal is to not make a Sammy Awards replica,” Porter said. In addition, the “Excellence Awards,” is not intended to remove minorities from the “Sammy Awards,” according to Porter. The “Excellence Awards” will cover some categories that the “Sammys” dont have time to recognize.Anthony Molina, who is a student assistant in the office of MISS, said the “Excellence Awards” would give minority students a better chance of being rewarded for their achievements.The awards are more specific as opposed to general categories( in the “Sammy Awards”) that place students against more competition, Molina said.According to KaiRodsha Glover, who is also a student assistant with MISS, said some of the categories at the event will be based on GPA, community service, leadership and overall campus status. Greek organizations will also have special recognition.Porter said the “Excellence Awards” have partly been created in response to students voicing concerns about the minority representation at the “Sammys”Porter said the “Excellence Awards” are not exclusive, they just cater to students who may not feel apart of the general population or feel that the “Sammy Awards” are not for them.Director of Student Activities Carlton Green said the “Excellence Awards” has not stemmed from lack of minority representation at the “Sammy Awards.” There is a need for the event just as there is a need for the office of MISS.”One of the goals of the Sammy Awards has always been diversity,” Green said.Nomination packets will be available March 19 for those students and organizations that are interested in nominating a candidate for an “Excellence Award.”The semi-formal event will be hosted by at least four emcees that should be able to appeal to the cultural diversity of the audience, said Glover.Applications for the emcee positions will be available Feb. 23. Information can be obtained by calling 294-3972 or by visiting the MISS office in Wilson 116.