Don’t expect Christians to act differently than non-Christians

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Emily, I couldn’t agree with you more. When I read your article “Christians have lost touch with principals” I was gratified to know that I’m not the only one who sees these things happen, or cares that it does.In my Christian experience, I have been attacked by “fellow brothers and sisters.” I have seen the way things work, and to paraphrase a quote: “The Church is an institution that, while it does big things badly, does small things badly, too.” Dealing with Christians has taught me two things: never expect them to act any differently than non-Christians and never trust them as a whole more than you would trust any non-Christian organization. And yes, I learned it the hard way.This isn’t to say there are not Christians who stand out in my mind as being men and women of God. I only mean that they are the minority, and the majority are indistinguishable from non-Christians in attitude, and internal strife. The fact that there are Christians who are afraid and ashamed to go to their respective organizations with personal problems because of how they will be treated (if even behind their back) makes me sad, or the fact that if I were to mention Calvinism; Christians would part like the Red Sea. Christians are violent against each other. These are real problems that are overlooked, or silenced in a weird cold war, but continue to thrive because nobody knows how to deal with them except to break off and do things the “right” way or talk so constantly about it that it becomes an ignored monotony.So maybe, as I am told, all this is because the Christians in America are indolent and that persecution would do us some good.Forgive me if I sound sadist or masochistic, but if that’s what we need, then let the slaughtering begin. In fact, I’ll start praying for it right now. If this is what it takes to stop people hiding in books, perfecting their doctrines, watching from the sidelines, sitting on inflated egos and spinning on spiritual merry-go-rounds that aren’t going anywhere, then so be it. All I know is that something needs to happen en masse and it isn’t. I don’t mean to be so flagrant, so I’m sorry if anybody is offended. I don’t intend to say that I have the answers, or that I’m doing everything right. According to some people, I may not even be a Christian for thinking the way I do.But I am dead serious about Christianity, about God, Christ, and his people. I’m not a pastor, and I don’t care to be one. I’m just a disgruntled Christian, and I know that somehow all this can be fixed.You are so right, Emily. It’s the sad truth.