Designing Woman

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The Woodlands, Texas is well known for having some of the premier homes and neighborhoods in the state. One SHSU student, working on her internship, recently took part in an interior design competition in one of the “well-to-do” neighborhoods.

The competition was against 10 other homes that were judged by multi-million dollar real estate agents out of Houston and members of Carlton Woods and The Woodlands Country Clubs. The price of the house the student worked on? A cool $845,000.

Senior Lizzy Lynn, 23, is an interior design major who got the internship almost accidentally.

“I did a show home up in Conroe with my class,” said Lynn. “And one night when we had a gala ball, like a big cocktail party, Denise, my (soon to be) boss, was walking down the stairs, and I was walking up the stairs, and she’s like ‘Oh my God, who made your necklace?'”

The two kicked it off from there. Lynn, who also makes jewelry, was offered the internship by Denise Almblad of Direct Designs Inc.

On Sept. 5, Lynn started work on the house, located on Sterling Ridge Drive.

“I walked in-there was nothing on the floor but cement slabs, dirt from the crews tracking it in and out, there was no panels on the stairwell, it was just bare, no railings…nothing. Only the sheetrock, no wallpaper, no paint…nothing,” Lynn said.

According to Lynn, she did the accessorizing for the house, decorated the upstairs kids’ bedroom and chose the furniture plan for two upstairs bedrooms and nursery.

However, Lynn didn’t have free reign when doing her work.

“We were told that the style of the house, the feel of it, was to be French Country. So we couldn’t make a real contemporary piece-everything had to be French Country- with a lot of blue,” she said.

Lynn’s house didn’t win the competition, but she said it was a good experience. The house without furniture is listed for sale at $695,000. With the furniture, $845,000.