Zwolle will intervene with an entrepreneur who has come up with an innovative QR code solution

Bij eetcafé Lekker Zwols moeten gasten zelf hun QR-code scannen (Foto: RTV Focus / Vincent Corjanus)

No matter how creative, with this type of corona verification, proof of identity is missing. “So the check was not completed,” says Sam Rademaker, a spokesperson for Zwolle municipality. That is why the municipality must intervene.

Staff shortage

Thijs Portier started eating Lekker Zwols Café four years ago. Due to the previous Corona measures, his business is now understaffed. “We’re understaffed,” says the entrepreneur. “I didn’t get a chance to check on everyone.” “I solved this by doing a self-scan on an old phone.”

The owner of the restaurant is not afraid that people who do not have a code will continue to enter. “I can easily see everything from a distance. I’m keeping an eye on everyone.” If guests continue to pass after a red screen appears, Porter will still check them in person.

good alternative

Zwolle municipality says it will contact Portier to see if a good alternative can be found. “We like to think alongside entrepreneurs about how to give shape to control,” Rademaker says.

It is not yet known when the municipality will contact the contractor.

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