Zander and Sophie are candid about difficult times in a relationship

Zander and Sophie are candid about difficult times in a relationship

They don’t agree on exactly how long they’ve been together. “According to Sophie, we’ve been together for fourteen years, I think fifteen. Let’s keep it at 14.5,” Zander concludes. “That’s two seven years ago, yes. Although we don’t really get those, right? Sophie thinks otherwise. Not that way, but we’ve had some slip-ups over the years. And sometimes they lasted for a very long time. “Xander knows why.” I still have a lot to solve for myself, maybe you too, and this also affects your relationship. “

However, the singer knows one thing for sure and that is basically true. “Our love is so strong that we always find each other again. I really think: If it didn’t work out for Sophie, then I can’t do it with anyone. I couldn’t have done better.” Zander also noticed a big change in himself. “I needed a lot of attention and was looking for it too, but I totally landed with my family.”

However, according to Sophie, there are still some points that need improvement. “The most important thing is to make time for each other, not each other For a given Takes. But this will happen quickly. I hope we can eventually find a better balance between work, family and working together. Right now, being together loses a lot.”

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