Zaandam gets even more colorful with Monet’s murals

Zaandam gets even more colorful with Monet's murals

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The famous French painter Claude Monet was fond of the beech. Now, more than 150 years later, it seems Zhan still loves Monet,

Two Polish artists are busy reviving all 25 paintings painted by the French Impressionist in Zan in 1871. They paint life-size paintings on empty walls.

“I live in Zaandam and I love Monet,” says Maciej Jadek, one of the artists NH News. “Pjotr ​​and I want to make the Zaandam more beautiful and colorful.”

Particularly noticeable

“The Zaandam is absolutely gorgeous and there is enough to draw for a lifetime.” He said Claude Monet himself, when he ended up in Zahnsteck during a picnic in 1871. He was making 25 paintings and 9 sketches a year.

Monet was fascinated by the reflection of the sky in the water, the turbulent cloudy sky, colorful houses, spinning mills, numerous boats and fluttering summer dresses. website.

The idea for Gadek and fellow artist Pjotr ​​Bazynski came about spontaneously, says Els Bakker of the Monet Foundation. “It’s beautiful. They came up with it themselves and we can only applaud it as a foundation.”

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Monet on the wall in the Zaandam

Two murals are now completed, and a third is in progress. A typical Zhan house is painted on a blank wall of the house. “I saw those earlier frescoes. Beautiful, so I really wanted to,” says Willem Kuiper, a resident of the house. “I have an opinion on which one it should be. It’s a beech green house, a little later. I went there with the boys recently to have a look.”

Lyric about painting

Kuiper is vocal about the mural, which he says makes green look beautiful when the sun shines on it.

Because of the cold, Pjotr ​​has to shake the spray cans vigorously before he can apply his typical beech green. In a box of spray cans is a pamphlet: Monet in Zaandam, 1871. But Pjotr ​​doesn’t even look at it. He’s “puffing” out of his head.

(approximately) three frescoes were completed, and only 22 other paintings remain. The Monet Foundation tries to help with financing as much as possible. It is extracted from the various pots that the municipality provides to the neighborhoods. At Barton Housing Association, which provides money each year for tenants to decide for themselves, residents can now vote for Monet on the Wall.

It is not yet clear when the Polish artists will finish their project. Of course it would be better if they did it in a year, just like Claude Monet. In any case, the Monet Foundation can’t wait and already has plans to curate a walking trail along all 25 of the murals.

Maciej Jadic | Facebook

Maciej working on “Monet”

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