“Yvonne Jaspers should really ask himself if this part of Farmer Wants a Woman is still possible” | Displays

“Yvonne Jaspers should really ask himself if this part of Farmer Wants a Woman is still possible” |  Displays

BZV Cafe PodcastAfter weeks of doubt and modest flirtation, the first farmers made their final choice. For Farmer Pete, this moment was somewhat clumsy, but he could count on a calm reaction from Jia who had to return home. However, at other kitchen tables we painfully saw hearts breaking and tears being shed. “Yvon Jaspers should really ask himself whether this part exists or not Farmer looking for a wife “It’s still possible.”

In the podcast AD BZV Cafe TV columnist Angela de Jong and presenter Manuel Wenderbos discuss the latest developments in the foreign version of the programme Farmer looking for a wife. This week, our colleague Charlene Hazen will join us.

Gia’s athletic and sweet reaction was a relief to both Farmer Pete and the viewer, but Yvonne couldn’t resist delving deeper into Gia’s emotional reaction to her rejection. The broadcaster conducted the same research with romantic candidates who were thanked by Farmer Richard in Slovenia and Heiko in Denmark for coming. “I’m having increasing difficulty with how to deal with the moment of choice Farmer looking for a wife “It expires,” says Angela de Jong. “The way these women’s feelings are first taken away and then dismissed in what looks like a court. And although it has always been this way, in 2023, we feel increasingly uncomfortable seeing how these women’s feelings are being manipulated.

The open-hearted Elaine leaving in the rain, after Haiku chose, despite their chemistry, a coldness that was even more difficult for Jasmine to understand, was painful. The disappointment of Marieke, who had tried to remain calm upon hearing Richard’s choice of Robin, also gave the panel a stomach ache. It remains to be seen whether Claudia and Bernice’s casting moment will lead to the same upset next week. Although Claudia had already expressed her preference for Paul in Normandy, René still left her in doubt. The decision also seems a long way off for Bernice in Sweden. “But maybe she should just send all the men home and go on a trip to the city with her mother,” de Jong concludes.

Furthermore, Paul (from Buren Claudia) causes a marital quarrel in the home of broadcaster Manuel Wenderbos, and Angela and Charlene answer life’s pressing question “Schatje or Stoertje?”

In short: listen to him AD BZV Cafe, Every Sunday at 9:20pm, immediately after Farmer looking for a wife, with regular guest TV columnist Angela DeYoung. The offer is in the hands of Manuel Venderbos.

Ellen, farmer Haiku, and Jasmine. © CRONCRV/CRO-NCRF

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Listen to the Farmer Wants a Woman podcast with Angela DeYoung below. You can find all of our podcasts at ad.nl/podcasts.

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