January 27, 2023

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Angela de Jong en Yvonne Coldeweijer

“Yvonne Coldoyer is right again!”

Angela de Jong sees no reason to lose weight by Yvonne Coldvier. AD believes the entertainment influencer proves time and time again that she has her facts straight.

© RTL, YouTube

Most traditional showbiz media looks a little low on Yvonne Coldviger, but Angela de Young doesn’t. These juice channels are always said lightly, ‘Ah, that’s not true! They just scream! ‘But of course you can’t say that anymore, because they also played a major role in the Andre Hazes case.

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Angela says mainly about Yvonne Media podcast. “When Yvonne Coldeweiger says: ‘André Hazes lands in Schiphol at seven o’clock,’ the whole Dutch press is there. They’re really chasing them now.”

Yvonne also plays a role in the riots surrounding Marco Borsato. She is in direct contact with his alleged victim. “Of course you have a Gossip Talk that has helped all sorts of things in the world, but Yvonne, who has of course been on Marco Borsato’s tail for some time, actually said:”This is not entirely true.

The facts at a glance

Angela says Yvonne has her facts straight. “He had a complete file ready, and of course she also gave it to John van den Heuvel had been moved (Proverb, editor), who have also been working on this for much longer than these two months.”

Fellow AD Dennis Jansen: “Ultimate credits. The show is fair.”

And his colleague Marcus den Blanken: “In the end you can say that Yvonne Coldvier did a really great job, because she didn’t do it unfiltered. There’s something, he said, but he didn’t throw it unfiltered.”

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Angela: “Of course a lot has been suggested, but you can’t say anymore: they just bang it and don’t check it out.”

new mode

Angela thinks Dutch stars are no longer safe. “A whole new status for the stars has been created by those juice channels, which are more ferocious to them than the old tabloids and the street.”

“Of course these juice channels don’t really need these artists and the Boulevards and the tabloids and our editors really want to see an artist the moment he gets married or has a new album or plays in a series. They have some kind of relationship with such a star.”

Relationship Management

Regular show media especially want to maintain a good relationship with celebrities. “That’s always some sort of relationship management and these juice channels obviously don’t have that. They bring something faster or tend to just bring things that aren’t very nice to a relationship with such an artist.”

This brings with it a whole new dynamic. After all: without these juice channels, the alleged victim of Marco Borsato, perhaps, will not stand for long.