YouTube offers ad-free video player for educational environments – IT Pro – News

You can also change your messages between them. I can see that I just like you under your comment lol. I would like to send you the different versions of my messages via PM. Then you can see with your own eyes that I do not change anything, but only add a few lines. Another ad hominem argument rather than intrinsic. Tasty.

And I’m still indisputable why I think about my skin. There is still something to see.

However, 70% of your messages are just insults to the field without additional content. Here and there some content, but that’s about it, but no, I’m a kid, I can’t think, I was born yesterday. Sorry if I missed any of your empty insults, I’m not that smart

I think that makes really good sense on your part. You defend the rights of others. You scream bloody murder on YouTube ads for children in Africa. And if people here in the Netherlands tell you they don’t agree with you, then you immediately start out with “Thinking is hard for you, so you’re wrong and I’m right”
I can also read this how you respond to everyone in this comment section. Don’t argue with anyone, your message comes back all over the place with insults like “You can’t think, you can’t read, you just don’t understand my message”. So in reality, other people don’t care about you at all, otherwise you might think carefully before responding to every counter-argument with an insult without Which respect for the other. Kids in Africa have to pay a premium for free, and if you don’t agree, you’re suddenly a kid who can’t read comprehension without the ability to think. 8) 7
Nobody takes you seriously, right? You can’t even treat people equally, but you can comment on companies that don’t either.

And this content is also terribly mediocre. You’re talking about children deprived of education, when in fact this is about a system in which an educational material like something can be purchased for them through their education, or perhaps through financial input from the children (parents of course) themselves.
We’ve known them for a long time, of course. longer contracts. Textbooks are not free either, non-EU students also pay 5 times the tuition fee in the Netherlands as inside the EU.
But no, skipping some 15-second commercials is a complete dismissal of people and a violation of their rights. Because that’s how you attend. We should all be really concerned about divorce and injustice, because a group of students can skip commercials.

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