March 30, 2023

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YouTube Music allows users to create Radio Stations with custom filters – Tablets & Phones – News

YouTube Music has released the Create Radio feature after testing it late last year. This add-on gives users the option to create their own radio stations using a number of settings and filters.

Users can choose from up to thirty artists to create a radio station, TechCrunch reports Based on information from Google. You can also adjust the number of times these artists may pass through and there are filters to adjust the atmosphere of the station. For example, you can choose between relaxing music or more up-tempo songs. Trans songs can be restricted to the selected artists, but it is also possible to allow content from a wider range of artists.

Before the Create Radio feature was made available, users could choose from pre-compiled playlists, radio, or albums. These are often based on choices made by algorithms; There are a few settings available for users to influence themselves. According to Google, the new feature gives users more control over their music experiences. Other services like Spotify and Apple Music give users the option to compile their own playlists based on a specific artist or song, but there are few additional setup options.

The feature, which was tested at the end of last year, will now be available to both paying and non-paying users, so it may be a while before it’s actually available. The new radio stations will be available for the iOS and Android versions of YouTube Music.

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