YouTube is trying out a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence in some video clips – IT Pro – News

YouTube will test an AI chatbot within certain videos. According to Google, this chatbot can, for example, answer questions about the video and what the video is about. There will also be an AI function that organizes comments under different topics.

Conversational chatbot AI will be available to some users within select videos, Google writes on its support site. Users can chat using the AI ​​tool while watching the video, without having to pause the video. In addition to answering questions, the AI ​​chatbot can also recommend relevant content. For Certain Academic Videos, the bot can also ask quiz questions and answer questions in more depth.

Additionally, YouTube is testing a feature that categorizes large comment sections of long-form videos under specific topics. The platform shows an example with MrBeast’s video. For example, the feature displays comments under the categories “People love Brian the Bird,” “Lazarbeam should be in more videos,” and a category called “Not a Submarine.”

Both features are currently undergoing limited testing. Users with a YouTube Premium subscription You may be able to register For experiments. The chatbot is only being tested in the United States. It is not known if and when the features will be available to all users.

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