YouTube comes with a function to indicate errors in videos – image and audio – news

It is completely relevant to the topic. YouTube made this political! We have received far too many snowflakes in recent years, and they are supposed to be protected, so that they can continue to live in their happy little world that is often far from reality and nature.

However, videos indicating dislikes are circulating. Think reviews, like Xxana, and yes of course also videos that express political views and opinions. Science videos also of course, as a method of “peer review in the community”, should be evaluable.

It obviously mitigates the dislike, but it’s definitely also related to the correction function in the video as it will be introduced by YT.
In addition, the algorithm is still set up to include “opposing votes”.

The document export example is not good, because it should be obvious that there is a difference between a software company and a company that facilitates a social media platform – the latter being subject to free speech laws.

Why would you even want to have your documents on someone else’s computer; There is no cloud, this is someone else’s computer! Why not just use an open source product like Libre Office or Open Office? Open source is much better for the world, for bug fixing, for help when you need it, for progress and for compatibility of course.

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