June 8, 2023

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Young people were less happy last year than they were before the Corona crisis

Young people were less happy last year than they were before the Corona crisis

The vast majority of Dutch people say they are happy, and the proportion has fallen only slightly since 2019: from 88.9 per cent to 86.4 per cent. This is evidenced by the study of social cohesion and well-being from CBS

A decrease can be seen in all age groups, but is strongest among young adults (18 to 25). Moreover, this age group is now the relatively least happy one. In 2019, before Corona, 87.5 percent of young people reported feeling happy, and last year it fell to 80.9 percent. In 1997, people aged 18-25 years were the happiest.

The decline is likely related to the corona measures that were in place from March 2020 to this spring. Other studies show that young people in particular suffered from actions that severely restricted social life.

The Dutch score is high internationally

People aged 65-75 years were the happiest group. Nine out of 10 gave themselves a 7 or higher when CBS asked them how happy they were. A number above 7 means a person is considered happy, 4 or less means he is unhappy, and 5 or 6 is neither happy nor unhappy.

Internationally, the Dutch are among the happiest of all demographics. in the latest world happiness report Last March, a list published annually by the United Nations, the Netherlands ranked fifth after Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.

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