Young dogs die of mysterious disease in US

Young dogs die of mysterious disease in US

He writes that most sick dogs are under two years old The New York Times. More than 20 dogs have died from a mysterious disease in Otsego County, Michigan.

The animals died within a few days of suffering from vomiting, diarrhea and bloody stools.

Very vague

It is not yet clear what the disease is. Veterinarians tell the US newspaper that it could be a new variant of parvovirus, an infectious disease that mainly affects puppies, causes digestive problems and can be very deadly. The virus is not common in the Netherlands.

None of the sick animals have ever tested positive for parvovirus. Although this is indeed a new variation, it remains a gamble. Many vaccinated dogs also reportedly became ill.

‘Keep the dog at home’

An animal shelter that has seen some sick animals die is advising owners to ‘leave dogs at home and do not take them to dog walks’. No effective treatment has been found for the mysterious disease. Officials are investigating the sick and dead animals and say many are still unaccounted for.

Owners who are concerned about their pet’s symptoms are advised to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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