Ynsect (Protifarm) opens first worm farm in the United States

Ynsect (Protifarm) opens first worm farm in the United States

Nebraska-based Jord Producers recently added to the pest’s production division, making them the largest caterpillar producer in North America. This was triggered by the launch of Ÿnsect in the US market in November 2021, when they announced that they would be offering high quality protein to Pure Simple True LLC, a Washington-based start-up in Seattle that produces premium-quality luxury dogs. The food is sold under the Bernie brand. Nsect also has a manufacturing location in the Netherlands from 2017.

With its largest vertical farm in France, Ÿnsect transforms food worms from buffalo beetles and caterpillars into high quality, sustainable and first-rate food for pets, fish, plants and people. Thanks to more than $ 500 million in capital contributions from reputed investment funds, banks and public companies, nsect exports its products worldwide.

The acquisition of Jord Producers, one of the largest caterpillar manufacturers in the United States, not only reflects sensect’s continued expansion in the U.S. market, but also marks their entry into the domestic poultry market. The rise in this market is significant because Americans are more likely to raise chickens at home during epidemics. Arthur D., consulting firm. According to a recent study by Little, the U.S. market will be worth $ 400 million by 2026.

In the last two years, the number of Americans who have started raising chickens has grown to about 26 million (8% of the population), giving them not only new pets, but the opportunity to enjoy fresh eggs every day and keep their gardens free. Insects. Emerton’s studies have shown that poultry owners’ favorite insects are food worms: 82% prefer food worms to other insects. Recent experiments on insects have shown that the size of the eggs has also increased. Nsect expects to offer its high quality products in this market under its own brand name.

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Cheryl Powers, CEO of Jord Producers: “After us Jord Producers has been specializing in breeding and distributing live and dried larvae directly to the domestic poultry market for the past four years. We are happy to be a part of the Insect family now, and we hope this will help take the production of high quality worms – which we are actively working on – to an even higher level.

Says Antoine Hubert, CEO and co-founder of Ensect: “As we continue to expand globally, we are pleased to be in the United States as the most important market. As an influential company, sustainability and environmental support are at the top of our agenda. He co-founded the Producers Company, which gave the company easy access to local and various raw materials, so it was a logical choice for us.

The food worms produced at Jord offer enormous benefits to both livestock and pets: high protein content (72% protein), high digestibility, ability to reduce hypo-allergies and skin diseases. Worms contain all the amino acids needed for optimal growth of a chicken. Adding worms to chicken feed has been linked to better health, fewer germs and improved resistance to stress.

With the acquisition of Jord Producers in Nebraska, Ÿnsect’s production range expands to three vertical farms and a hatchery. The integration of jord manufacturers will allow Ÿnsect to significantly increase the production of its worm larvae and pave the way for further expansion in the pet food market with products such as protein food and protein oil, the production of which may be approved in North America. In the future – America.

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By using pesticides instead of other animal feed proteins, food producers can use 98% less land and 45% less resources than traditional livestock. Moreover, nsect is committed to sustainable production. The company opts for a circular economy with its new vertical farms and develops fully aligned value chains with the Paris Agreement / COP21, + 1.5 ° C environment and EU target compliance of 55.

About the pest

Ssect is a world leader in the production of natural proteins and natural fertilizers from insects. Sensect was founded in Paris (France) in 2011 by scientists and environmental activists and is the next 40 and P Corp certified company. It transforms insects into high-quality premium foods for the entire food chain: plants, fish, livestock, pets and people. From its specially designed and ultramodern production facilities, Ÿnsect offers a biological and sustainable long-term solution to increase the consumption of proteins and plants. Nsect uses secure breakthrough technologies 349 The Paris Agreement / COP21, which creates value chains according to the + 1.5 ° C scenario and the EU target fit for 55 Ÿssect, already has patents from two manufacturing plants for the production of food worms from buffalo beetles and caterpillars on highly automated vertical farms. : One in Toll in France (since 2016) and one in the Netherlands (since 2017), but is currently building a third production unit, the world’s largest vertical farm in Amiens, France, capable of producing 200,000 tons of goods. Long term. The company, which currently employs 260 people, has grown to approximately $ 450 million by major investment funds around the world, banks and public companies, and exports its products worldwide.

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