Xiaomi will launch smartphones with ‘Loop LiquidCool’ steam chambers in 2022 – tablets and phones – News

Below the circle is what Xiaomi calls “Tesla Valves,” a “valve” that allows liquid to pass in the desired direction but stops gas.

This is not well defined, simply this is the same principle of cooling as a refrigerator. The liquid evaporates due to the heat, leads to a place where the heat is released and the medium condenses again here.

The difference here is that this system relies solely on the thermosyphon process. If this non-return valve is not built, there is a risk that part of the medium will flow in the wrong direction, destroying the thermal siphon effect. The medium continues to flow in the same direction through this non-return valve.

Compare it to a busy shopping street where everyone is walking in the same direction, the flow is much smoother than when some people can also walk in the other direction.

In the industry, the API also states that you should use a check valve with thermosyphon principles. So in my opinion this is not very innovative. Sounds cool of course, “Tesla valve in your phone”.

Within 3 years, they will likely come up with an “improved” design that uses a micro-pump, making a difference of 10-15 degrees compared to the current design.

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