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I’m a bit tired of the discussion, and I also want the phones to be more compact and have things like a MicroSD slot and a 3.5mm jack.

But since the main point is simply more compact, this was one of the reasons I switched to iOS, because what was still somewhat compact in terms of Android, immediately lost battery life.

Anyway, the reason I don’t want to start this discussion myself this time is because it’s about the same thing every time, and the way I see it is that phones like the 12/13 Mini have been “stumbled” by a lack of choice, the smartphone market is made up Almost entirely from large phones with a few “built-in” exceptions like the S22, iPhone 13 (Pro), or Asus’ Zenfone 8.

So since there is no other option (usually people looking for a cheaper device), they automatically choose a larger phone, so smaller devices that can roughly be counted on one hand logically sell worse.

Not necessarily as small as a 12/13 Mini (offering the option to the rest of the market), but the more modern Galaxy S10e with 3.5mm and MicroSD card slot would be a good choice (my partner had this before, great device)

I may be grumbling, but the smartphone market is getting very boring, partly because some brands are disappearing and partly because too many companies (China vs. China) are simply copying designs too much.

That and the fact that people don’t focus enough on what the phone and its user need.

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