Xiaomi launched Smart Door Lock E10 with built-in doorbell for the Chinese market – Image and sound – News

Xiaomi has unveiled the Smart Door Lock E10 with built-in doorbell for the Chinese market. The smart lock is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner, keypad and NFC, so the door can be opened in several ways.

The Xiaomi E10 smart door lock has a built-in doorbell. The smart lock can play a sound notification on the home speakers or send a notification to the Mijia smart home app when the doorbell rings. The smart lock also has a fingerprint scanner According to Xiaomi It is 99 percent accurate and has a half-second delay. Moreover, the keypad can be used to open the door with a code, but it is also possible to unlock the lock using NFC or Bluetooth. In addition, a physical key is included in case of emergency.

Via the Mijia App, users can see if the door is locked and, if necessary, lock or unlock the door remotely. The device runs on four AA batteries, which should keep the smart lock going for about a year. The E10 can send notifications when the batteries need to be replaced and an emergency power supply can be connected via USB-C.

The Smart Door Lock E10 is currently available for pre-order in China and will be available from December 7th. The suggested retail price of the smart lock is 800 yuan. This amount has been converted to around 108 euros. It is not known if the product will also come to Europe or the Benelux.

Xiaomi E10 smart door lock
Xiaomi E10 smart door lock. Photo: Xiaomi

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