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It must be a very small part of the reason because Apple’s profit margin is much higher than that. It’s easier on Apple anyway because they own the hardware and software. If you don’t use Qualcomm or Mediatek, you don’t have to negotiate to try to get longer driver support.
Apple has the hardware, software, drivers, and firmware in its hands. In addition, the number of models they have to test is very small. Only Samsung actually has more models than Apple and is only one manufacturer – which makes testing a lot easier.

I’d say Apple did a good job of it because it lasts a really long time, but I actually think almost the opposite is true. Should Android manufacturers be ashamed, brand-new phones that after two years no longer get an update? Why is this acceptable?

Linux can be installed on machines starting from year zero and you’ll still get updates! Windows is about the same, but the phones seem to be special because support ends there after a few years. I don’t care who is to blame here:
Google because Android has a bad operating model and seems almost paired with the Android version itself?
– Qualcomm / Mediatek etc. because they don’t want to release new drivers for old Android versions?
– Smartphone manufacturer (Samsung/Xiaomi etc.) because they are too lazy/don’t want to spend money on old devices?

It would be fine if the European Union or another large organization stepped in here and obligated manufacturers to ensure that smartphones received much longer support. And not from 2 to 3 years – but about 8. The devices themselves (excluding the battery) are now suitable for them and the environment will certainly benefit from them.

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