Xi sticks to coronavirus policy as discontent grows in Shanghai | abroad

Xi sticks to coronavirus policy as discontent grows in Shanghai |  abroad

Shanghai residents have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media with the lack of food and medicine and quarantine centers, among other things. Some also criticize Corona’s policy, others say the local government has failed. An article titled “Shanghai people’s patience has reached its limits” has been removed from the WeChat platform after the message went viral.

During a visit to Hainan Province, Xi hinted that China should stick to the strict policy, despite growing discontent and negative economic consequences. He said it was necessary to overcome “crippling ideas” and “war fatigue” while preventing imported infections and the local resurgence of the coronavirus.

According to the Chinese president, there can be relaxation and “perseverance” lead to victories. Beijing has had many successes with its Covid-free policy for a long time. After the first months of the epidemic, corona numbers have remained low for a long time, but the omikron variant is now causing more and more Chinese infections. Millions of people outside Shanghai have also been locked down.

Most of the infection reports come from Shanghai. More than 27,700 new cases were reported there on Thursday, a new daily record. A local official expects the number to rise further in the near future due to the delay in test results and the infection of family members with each other.

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