March 31, 2023

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Xi Jinping wants China to win the battle for America's nuclear technology

Xi Jinping wants China to win the battle for America’s nuclear technology

Chinese President Xi Jinping wants China to win the battle for nuclear technology with the United States (US). The President has responded to the recently imposed US trade restrictions.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Communist Party Congress held every five years in Beijing, Xi said his country must win the battle for strategically important technologies. Focus will be on national strategic needs and carrying out leading scientific and technological research Reuters.

Technological freedom

Xi declares that China will continue to focus on areas important to China’s technological independence. That means, among other things, the country intends to launch several major national projects of ‘strategic, vital and long-term importance’. Details about these projects are not available.

The announcement follows the addition of 31 Chinese companies to the US non-verified list. This limits their ability to purchase equipment from US suppliers. Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., among others. (YMTC) and a subsidiary of chip maker Noura Technology Group are also on the list.

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