Xbox makes Forza Motorsport playable for visually impaired players

Upcoming racing game Forza Motorsport will have several accessibility options intended for players with visual or physical impairments, among others. The options should make the game more accessible and playable for the relevant target group.

Thanks to the various blind driving aids, the game has become so According to Xbox’ Turn 10 Studios Fully playable for the blind and visually impaired. Accessibility options are based on notifications and audio cues, such as sounding a warning when the car is about to leave the road or moving engine sounds left or right to indicate the car’s destination. Acceleration, braking, changing and overtaking indicators should assist the visually impaired player in driving. The systems were developed in collaboration with consultant Brandon Cole, who has been blind his whole life.

On top of that, all sorts of systems have been implemented that convert the visual parts of Forza Motorsport into audio. Think text-to-speech, verbal descriptions of in-game movies and audio that provides information about vehicle condition and race.

For players with physical disabilities, Turn 10 Studios has made it possible to enable or disable all kinds of assistance. The developer calls this One Touch Driving, as the player can adjust the functions of the buttons at their own discretion. These options are an extra layer on top of customizing the console layout. In this way, people who, for example, have difficulty pressing several buttons at the same time or find it difficult to apply too much button pressure, should be able to adapt the console input to their specific physical capabilities.

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As far as we know, all accessibility options will be released immediately when Forza Motorsport is in stores, though it’s not yet clear when exactly that will be. Based on recent wording from Turn 10 Studios, the game appears to be delayed, though no official release date has been announced yet. The race is out on Xbox Series X and S, Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and via Cloud Gaming’s subscription option for Microsoft’s games.

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