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I do not understand this comment.

If the xbox is turned off by removing the power, no more power is going to the chipset, so no heat will develop anymore. So it will never exceed the temperature when it is turned on and will slowly cool down to room temperature.

Why does slow chip cooling cause harm? Conversely, you want the electronics to change temperature as slowly as possible, otherwise you could have problems with solder cracking or similar things due to the different speed of components contraction/expansion.

The only possibility where lack of cooling is an issue is the chipset continuing to generate heat because without cooling you could then overrun the TJMax and actually cause damage, but when the power is off there is nothing left to generate additional heat.

I think you are confusing this with cryogenic liquid ice. In this case the engine block is (very) hot and if you turn the car off (and disconnect the battery) before the cooling system can dissipate most of the heat, heat will build up in the cooling system and can cause damage. There because it gets hotter then its design. But the chip simply doesn’t have the thermal mass to hold that much heat, overloading the cooling system, even when it’s operating completely passively.

It doesn’t make sense not to unplug immediately because the Xbox can do other things while it’s off (downloading or applying updates) so it can still generate heat or you can crash the operating system if you do it while it’s powered off. operating, but from a cooling perspective, it makes absolutely no difference whether you cut the power and let the thing cool via convection or whether the fans stay active for longer.

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