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I can’t do much with this type of comment. I reply to @raro007Share and give my opinion on this feature. If you don’t agree, my statement is fine, but you don’t have to give a ‘-1’ for that. This is not the purpose of the moderation function.

That your dad is 67 years old is pretty cool and if this is his first computer… awesome! He will definitely enjoy it.

Everything is relative and what is easy for one person is more difficult for another. No matter how old someone is, you should spend some time and attention on the things you want to do or use to understand them (better).

This job is not mesolve the deal† It is a self-recommendation. Just like the system specs on Steam. This simply says “can”. It does not state whether it meets your specific requirements.

However, if the PC can’t run a particular game, Microsoft will display a button to check the system requirements.

This ties in a bit to my Wall-E statement. Everything is simplified (intentionally). Only when MS feels that your computer is not powerful enough will it show you more details. This way you will never learn anything. To connect with your post; Even if it shows the system requirements, it is still without value, because according to you “such an audience” will not understand it anyway.

You don’t have to stay up to date. It only matters when you are ready for something new.

It seems to me an assumption that “less often is true”. These specifications are (usually) provided by the game developer/publisher and are meant to indicate what you can expect and how they think the game runs smoothly enough. If they set it too low or assume 30fps they are likely to get a lot of negative feedback and that’s detrimental to spin rate. There are also always people who fall below spec and still expect a good experience. These are guidelines, not a requirement.

Your answer also shows how objective this type of information is.

…that’s not what I call minimal settings.

Not you. But for someone who likes to play at 120fps, that’s probably too little, and for someone who’s already happy with 30fps, it’s too much.

you have a point; It would be more useful if (eg on Steam, but also this Xbox feature) you can see the system requirements/combinations that indicate what kind of performance you can expect from the game and not simply ‘minimum’ or ‘recommended’.
I think this is possible in standard applications, like 3D Mark, but honestly I don’t use it myself.

Then you will be happy that you can play all these games now 8) 7

as said; It’s a fun but subjective feature. What is useful for one person may be too much or too little for another. For less knowledgeable/casual players, it may also be a good idea to choose whether or not to buy a game.

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