Xbox and PC Editions Persona 5 Royal Gets All Additional Content Included for Free – Games – News

Atlus bundles all 45 DLC bundles for free with the upcoming Xbox and Windows versions of Persona 5 Royal. The additional content mainly consists of new clothes, music and some additional challenging levels.

Persona 5 Royal releases on October 21 for Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One and PC, late developer Atlus in advertising In the middle whether the free delivery of all dlc also applies to the Steam version of the game. In the blog post, the Japanese company mentions all Xbox and “Windows” versions of Persona 5 Royal. Atlus may use the plural “versions” in an umbrella. It’s also not clear if buyers of the upcoming PlayStation 5 version of the game will have to pay for any additional content.

The listed versions of the game come standard with 45 DLC packs available from the start of the game. It comes with more than twenty cosmetic and background music packs, thirteen DLC packs from Personas and some additional challenge modes.

Persona 5 Royal, not to be confused with Persona 5 Strikers, was released in 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and later enriched with dozens of DLC packs. The games will be released in October for the listed platforms and will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in 2023. Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are also coming to Xbox consoles and PC platforms, although Persona 4 Golden was released before. Released on Steam

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