WWII Veterans Don’t Remember Because of Schiphol Chaos: Anger and Incomprehension | interior

WWII Veterans Don't Remember Because of Schiphol Chaos: Anger and Incomprehension |  interior

According to the organization that represents them, the American Best Defense Foundation, it becomes too much if they have to queue for hours at our national airport in their advanced age, where there have been problems for so long due to staff shortages that will last for months.

Americans are nearly 100 years old, and for many this may be the last chance to attend the celebrations in our country about the Allied attack against the Germans in September 1944. The veterans served, among other things, with the 8th Airborne Division, which attempted to cross the bridge over Wall Near Nijmegen at the end of World War II.

“Private Trip”

One comment on social media reads “Give them a special ride.” Many people think that an effort should be made to bring the old heroes to our country, out of respect for what they did to the Netherlands in the past. “I think that’s just not possible, for the veterans who liberated our country and ensured that we could live in freedom. I can’t understand how these wonderful veterans can’t be helped. Do something with this.”

Others believe that it is better to find a pot to put something in order. Isn’t there 100 billion euros in the climate fund? Can’t we really get €40,000 of that to charter a private jet for these heroes? “

It is also suggested that they can land at Dusseldorf Airport (German) and come to our country from there, although some doubt this. “There’s also chaos there, just like in Schiphol, so that doesn’t make a difference.”

Parliamentary questions

Daniel Koerhees responds indignantly in response to the article in De Telegraaf and has put parliamentary questions to Mark Harpers, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. Among other things, he wants to know whether the minister is aware of the matter and what his reaction to it is. “Are you ready to ask Schiphol to prioritize the veterans involved next month and ensure a safe flight?” He indicated that he wanted an answer as quickly as possible, so that something could be arranged.

This may still happen. Due to the lack of clarity on an official request, it was not clear what was possible. “There has been no formal request for our VIP Coordinator, who handles these types of requests,” a Marechaussee spokesperson said. “The organization has now been contacted and Marechaussee and Schiphol have provided assistance.”

Peter Wallstar, Member of Parliament on behalf of VVD, has a better idea. “Come, fly twice aboard the Ministry of Defense’s Gulfstream,” he said on social media, referring to the ministry’s passenger plane that can carry VIPs. It also sees PH-GOV government aircraft as an option. “Then we’ll be there. It’s not as if this special group of veterans have the luxury of delaying another year.”

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