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The writer, art director and designer of the popular indie game Disco Elysium has left ZA/UM studio. The developers confirm this on Twitter. According to Martin Luiga, co-founder of ZA/UM, the developers “involuntarily” left the company.

Martin Luiga writes in a blog post That he dissolved the cultural association of ZA/UM, stating that this “cultural organization” was separate from the company itself. Luiga writes that three primary developers of the studio have already left the studio at the end of 2021. These include Alexander Rostov, art director, designer and writer of Disco Elysium Robert Corvettes and writer Helen Hindberry.

“I want to note that neither Corvettes, nor Hendberry, nor Rostov since the end of last year [bij ZA/UM] works and that their departure was forced,” this was not previously known. Luiga wrote that this sounds like bad news for people waiting for a sequel to Disco Elysium, although it does. Later wrote on Twitter That sequel is “good”.

The co-founder wrote in a blog post that ZA/UM “no longer represents the spirit it was built on.” looks like luja In another blog post Blame early investors for the change of ZA/UM and the departure of several employees from the studio. The developer signed his blog on October 1 from the inpatient treatment center in Tallinn of the Psychiatric Clinic.

Alexander Rostov confirmed on Sunday He, Robert Korvitz and Helen Hindberry no longer work in the studio. The developer makes no further statement, nor does it assert that the three left ZA/UM are involuntarily, as Luiga claims. SA/UM . records Statement to Eurogamer That the team is still focused on releasing their next game, which the studio will share more information about “soon.” The developer had no comment on the Luiga blog posts and the departures of Rostov, Korvitz and Hindbeer.

Disco Elysium is an RPG that came out in 2019. The game follows an amnesiac detective who must solve a murder case. The game was generally well received for its unique story and art style. Studio ZA/UM was recently looking for a developer who “loves science fiction and space”, As PCGamer writes:.

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