WOZ’s objection offices are restricted

WOZ's objection offices are restricted

This week most homeowners received a WOZ decision. For many people, it has increased dramatically, with the average increase being 17 percent. You can object to that. It could save you hundreds of euros. This not only generates money for the citizens but also the trading companies who are called upon to do it on their behalf (for free).

Municipal costs are high

Earlier this week, municipalities indicated that the costs of objection proceedings against WOZ are increasing. They usually bear the costs. If the objection is successful, they must pay legal fees.

You can see how that works in this video that RTL Z made last year:

The cost of the objection is 600 euros per case, and in the event of an appeal an additional 1,700 euros can be added. Municipalities are asking citizens to deal with it themselves, without the agencies interfering. In this case, there is no question of compensation for legal costs.

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State Secretary Van Rij now wants to accommodate the municipalities by introducing a number of measures. For example, the role of interception agencies should be limited. The damages will soon not be paid to the agencies, but to the homeowner himself. This gives them a better view of the costs of the operation.

Bonuses will also be significantly reduced immediately, in order to “bring them more in line with the work companies do”. This would make the companies’ business model much less attractive. Van Rij also wants to facilitate the correction of the WOZ in an “informal way”, for example through direct contact with the municipality.

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