Would you like to follow a course or training worth 1,000 euros for free? These are fun tech options | Technique

Would you like to follow a course or training worth 1,000 euros for free?  These are fun tech options |  Technique

Have you always wanted to know the intricacies of software, or wanted to understand how to build a website using HTML or WordPress? Then a step budget can be useful. With that much money every Dutchman is entitled to, you can pursue interesting technical courses.

Many people do not know, but everyone who is currently working or looking for a job can apply for money annually from the Stimulus Pot of the Labor Market Center (Stap). This is amazing budget step It is €1,000 that you can spend on a training, course or education. The idea is that people can continue to develop in this way to keep up with rapidly changing job markets or to find other work more easily. If you take a look at the available lessons, you will soon discover that there are also many useful technical courses.

How it works?

You can apply for the budget every year and every two months a new application period begins during which you can apply. Sometimes your money runs out and you have to wait for the next application period. The requirement is that you are 18 years of age or older and do not have an AOW. The training or course must also be in the Stap Training Registry – not every course automatically qualifies – and it must not have started when the Stap budget was requested.

We have gone through a bunch of courses and have collected a number of interesting technical courses. There is nothing to your taste? here You will find more courses that you can follow with Stap.

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Training: WordPress – How do I learn to create a website in one day?
Coach: SRM
If you want to build a relatively simple website on your own, you may have heard of WordPress. It is one of the most popular (and free) CMS, or content management system. In today’s course, students learn how to install and run WordPress on your website, how to format pages and how to put your website online with it.

Training: digital skills; Tools, media literacy, information tools in the twenty-first century
Coach: OC ICT
This training is aimed at employees of SMEs who want to learn how to take advantage of digital tools so that they can keep abreast of new developments. This means not only learning how to make your life easier with software, but also monitoring the digital privacy, security, and ethics of online communities.

Training: SketchUp Advanced
Coach: Cadex
Anyone who has ever worked with 3D models is likely familiar with Google’s free SketchUp program. This instructable is a follow-up to the basic training and takes a closer look at creating 3D models. Bonus: As a participant, you get access to the Cadix instructor’s online learning platform, Cadix Academy, for a year. The training is in class or online and lasts for one day.

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Training: Adobe Photoshop (various courses)
Coach: Trainspot
Trainspot has locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht and offers multiple Photoshop courses. In the Photoshop Basics course, you will learn (get familiar with) all the important parts of Photoshop and use them. This way you learn to correct and retouch photos, make them stand-alone, and assemble the montages. There are also courses for advanced and expert, and courses that focus specifically on one area within Photoshop.

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Training: SSL Certificates
Coach: SpiralTrain
Anyone interested in internet security will come across SSL. These protocols are essential when establishing secure, encrypted Internet connections. Although SSL 2 and SSL 3 are being replaced by Enhanced Post TLS, security certificates still use the term SSL. confusing? This does not matter. This full-day course is designed for system administrators, security professionals, developers, and other experienced experts whose job requires installing and managing SSL certificates.

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