Would you bring back Andre Hazes if you wore Monique’s shoes? | Join the conversation

Would you bring back Andre Hazes if you wore Monique's shoes?  |  Join the conversation

flashing light

André Hazes had a light, flashy relationship with Monique Westenberg, until he left her for Bridget Maasland at the end of 2019. He later returned to Westenberg. Then Sarah Van Sollen stole his heart, but was also replaced by another lady: Anne-Rose Sonnefeld. It was Zonneveld and Hazes Jr. They will live together in Vinkeveen, but this is not happening now. Yvonne Coldfire sure wants to get back at his ex-wife, Monique Westenberg. “Officially he wants to try again with Moon. You’ll never take that!”, you think. Yes it is. She’s with him too.

all’s well That ends well?

The light blinking couple have a five-year-old together. Monique Westenberg has already announced in other media that she would like to have more children, but that may no longer be possible after the separation from André Hazes. Now that possibility may be there. Plus, Hazes keeps coming back to her every time.

But even if someone keeps coming back to you, will everything be forgiven and forgotten? Not everyone will take a guy back after he’s left you a few times for another.


On Twitter, a lot of opinions are shared about the light and flashing couple. Twitterer Nina thinks you shouldn’t deal with it when you’re being treated badly as a woman.

Suzy sees Hazes is not a husband material is being.

Twitter believes in André Hazes Jr.’s relationship. and Monique Westenberg.

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What would you do? Would you bring back Andre Hazes if you wore Monique Westenberg’s shoes, or would you be afraid he’d run away again? Join the conversation by Facebook page!

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