Work experience Mercedes-Benz E-Class: owners share experiences

Work experience Mercedes-Benz E-Class: owners share experiences

At the front of the new E, Mercedes-Benz explodes high from the tower. The newcomer has been referred to as a masterpiece of intelligence, with particular attention paid to the large number of autonomous driver assistance systems. With this, Mercedes was the first to offer a true autopilot balance in Tesla.

Self-driving, out of comfort

Intelligent on-board systems do not miss their impact, and many drivers praise their operation. “Semi-autonomous driving is great. I drove threshold crossed To surrender to the car, but it is truly divine.” This owner He sincerely agrees: “The most important option for me is autopilot. A great addition that gives peace of mind in traffic jams and over long distances. He finds the job where the driven speed is adjusted based on speed signals less pleasant. “Automatic cruise control is a bad option in the Netherlands. Just turn that off.”

Just like a file Row Lane assist is seen as not very accurate. And emergency brake assist, which is supposed to help prevent collisions, doesn’t get either All hands on top of each other. “The car intervenes for a split second as if a pedestrian suddenly jumps out in front of your car, but there’s really nothing to see.” On the other hand, there are drivers for whom the system has already managed to prevent an accident. You win a little and lose a little.

Comfortable on the road

Autonomous systems don’t just provide a fun driving experience, barrel This E 350 E racer together. “Quiet! Mercedes has also made a step here compared to its predecessor. “What stands out compared to a W212 I’ve driven before is the comfort of the suspension,” notes one owner, “here win a lot. The car has great neutrality, comfortable handling without becoming wobbly.”

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Rear passengers in the E-Class aren’t as comfortable as some owners might expect. This owner of the all-wheel-drive E-Class All Terrain, she describes it as follows: “Rear legroom is a bit disappointing for this taxi model, while every review is on display with only those liters in the trunk. I prefer trunk space. A little lower and a little more room for my fellow passengers.” Perhaps unnecessarily: the E-Class Estate’s 670-liter trunk swallows a giant.

The E-class has always been equipped with an automatic transmission with at least 9 gears. “Mercedes are a great eater. Long trips are not a problem. The automatic transmission shifts nicely, almost imperceptibly. Given the low speed it is also very quiet on board.

Infotainment and controls

Mercedes’ adaptive “masterpiece of intelligence” meant no shocking infotainment changes. The E-Class still had the “old” Comand system. The new MBUX, which was first seen in the new A-Class, made its way to the E-Class only in 2020. Not a superfluous luxury, according to the owners from the very beginning. He writes “The navigation is very slow and unintuitive” Driver, “It has cumbersome menu structures, slow response, and requires a lot of work to perform the required functionality.” So does one owner E 350 e Lease Edition: “I am now more accustomed to the car and the controls, but the feeling that it is less intuitive than my previous BMW 5 Series remains.” at all Hassle free Turns out the system isn’t, though it has stabilized after a few software updates.

Mercedes E-class engine and drive

The E-Class comes with several engines. In the review section, we mainly find the plug-in hybrid E 200 d and 220 d, E 200 and E 350 e. The E 200 d and 220 d, in addition to being fun in mgang, also proved to be champions of economy. Owners drive there regularly 1 in 20 or better with it. This also applies to the E 350 e plug-in, although the driver is driving this car It also has plenty of all-electric mileage with it.

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The Mercedes-Benz E-Class lives up to its creator’s title of “masterpiece of intelligence,” as long as you look at the driver assistance systems. These actually contribute to a comfortable driving experience for most owners. As far as infotainment is concerned, this has only been the case since 2020, which seems to have settled the main point of interest. We conclude with words This owner“The only downside is that all of the other cars you drive feel a bit basic.”

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