Wooting unveils UwU keyboard for osu players | hardware

Wooting unveils UwU keyboard for osu players |  hardware

Thank you, Wooting-san, very kawaii

written by Tom Kauwenberg op

Dutch company Wooting has revealed Wooting UwU: a custom osu rhythm game! Built in keyboard.

Wooting UwU is Wooting’s smallest keyboard yet with only three mechanical switches. For most Osu! More buttons are not necessary, although the competitive rhythm game is very dependent on the responsiveness of the equipment.

Exact specifications have been discussed around initial detection It hasn’t been spoken about, but Wooting says the keyboard has a “quick trigger,” a responsive switching technology that until now was exclusive to Wooting’s Lekker switch. In all likelihood, YourU makes it, just like Recent Wooting consolesagain using those magnetic keys.

Of the three primary keys, the keyboard appears to include three non-mechanical shortcut keys. In standard form, these will most likely act as shortcuts to alternate function layers, though Wooting also said the keyboard can be fully customized in terms of functionality, just like any other Wooting keyboard – perhaps again via its own keyboard. Wootility.

In addition to the technical subtleties, there is currently no recommended price for a UwU tag. However, the pre-order campaign will start next April 6, through which interested parties can register Official product page to stay informed. Wooting UwU is also estimated to ship in mid-August 2023.

The Wooting UwU is the sixth standalone keyboard from the Dutch manufacturer, which has been producing its own keyboards since 2016. Currently, Wooting only offers the Wooting Two HE (€199.99) as a full-size keyboard and the Wooting 60HE (€179.99), both with switches Lekker Hall effect as standard.

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