With this small SUV, Volvo is targeting a younger audience

With this small SUV, Volvo is targeting a younger audience

Volvo introduces a compact crossover EX30 On June 7th and she already has one today The teaser video has been posted online Where the car can be seen. “Thinking small is one of our biggest ideas,” says the Swedish company.

The car can also be ordered directly in the Netherlands on June 7, after which deliveries are likely to take place at the beginning of 2024. The EX30 shares many design elements with the seven-seat EX90 large SUV unveiled last year.

Smart and Zakry

The EX30 will be built on the SEA electric vehicle platform from Volvo parent company Geely. This is the variant also used in the Smart #1, #3 and Zeekr X. The EX30 will have similar specs. For example, the #1 Smart has a range of 440 kilometers, and the Zeekr X has a 66-kWh battery and powertrains rated at 272hp and 428hp.

“Approaching Generation Z”

Volvo CEO Jim Rowan recently spoke of “a small SUV that’s more suitable for city driving and perhaps even for beginners.” “Generation Z is our next market. This is new to us, we’ve never really talked to that younger age group. But we’re definitely moving in that direction,” Rowan said. against Top Gear.

Volvo is going completely electric

Volvo aims to only sell fully electric cars around 2030 and wants to become a climate-neutral company by 2040.

The Swedish automaker introduced the electric SUV in 2019 XC40 Rechargefollowed in 2021 Charging C40. The new EX30 is positioned below the XC40.

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