With this caravan of close to 1 million euros, you can (no longer) go on vacation

Foto: Niesmann Bischoff Campers.

Now that summer vacation is really starting, the big trip to France, Spain or Italy can begin. Many Dutch people do this with a caravan or motorhome. Some even pay tons for it. For example, the Niesmann-Bischoff specialty store in Oss sold a store worth nearly €1 million last week. register.

60+, retired and selling company. Roughly speaking, according to Mark Hemstra, this is the profile of people who buy a luxury mobile home for thousands of dollars. And as a mobile home store manager, he should know.

Caravans and motorhomes, also in this price category, have been in very high demand for a few years now. Hemstra explains the rising prices in the industry: “Materials are expensive, supply is low and demand is high.” Camps selling for two or three hundred thousand are, he says, “the new normal.” Now anyway.

949 thousand euros
There are countless cars at the store location in Oss, which can pass a house and a truck in one place. The most expensive sale? Dating back to last week, Hemstra laughs. It’s about the Morelo Grand Empire 110GS+. Full mouth full. Just like the asking price of at least 949,000 euros. According to Hiemstra, it sold for about that amount.

He did not say who the rich owner is. But this person can have a luxurious vacation, that’s for sure. The cart is equipped with a washing machine, dishwasher and double air conditioning. It has camera mirrors, a 360-degree camera system and a bike lift. But perhaps the internal attitude is more private. What? Yes, indoor parking space. A car the size of a Mini Cooper can enter through the back door.

Truck driving license
Those who are willing to spend enough money and be patient – the waiting time is often between one and two years – should also be flexible behind the wheel. Because the giant is 14,000 kilograms, 11 meters long and about 4 meters high, the driver needs a truck driver’s license.

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