With or without a sticker? This is why Jiskefet’s representatives go to court | Currently

With or without a sticker?  This is why Jiskefet's representatives go to court |  Currently

Encyclopedia of comedy television program jskfit It’s now in stores with the “unauthorized” label, but if it was up to the book makers, that label would be removed ASAP. The judge will rule on the case on Tuesday. What happened in the case surrounding jskfit-the book?

In the fall of 2021, publisher Noblesse will release a file jskfit-encyclopedia from† It is a reference work by authors Rutger Vahl and Richard Groothuizen, including popular characters and graphics from the series, which ran from 1990 to 2005.

Even before the book hit shelves, Hermann Koch and Michelle Romain (photo) were objecting. The jskfitThe book makers are not informed of the book’s arrival and want to see it first to see if copyright and image rights have been infringed. “It’s as if your sofa was stolen and you are no longer allowed to sit on it,” Romain told NU.nl. “We didn’t get any insight. We just know it’s going to be about five hundred pages long.”

They can get to it, but Koch and Romain don’t stop there. Now that they have seen the book, they want to emphasize more strongly that they were not in any way involved in the making of the encyclopedia.

judge determines jskfitProponents: All copies of the book must bear a label stating that it is an unauthorized edition. This is already mentioned on the back cover. If the publisher does not comply with this, a fine must be paid.

Publisher doesn’t like it: Doesn’t want a label on the book. Nobles is talking about a “crazy verdict” and will appeal. This is also supported and jointly funded by the Press Freedom Fund, which was founded by the NVJ Syndicate of Journalists and the Association of Editors-in-chief. It is alleged that the judge did not adequately take into account journalistic interests. “It should still be possible to publish an unauthorized book on a phenomenon like jskfit

After some delay, the encyclopedia will be released in December, including a poster that reads “Unauthorized”† This is to avoid having to pay a heavy fine. A judge will decide on Tuesday whether that poster will continue to be removed from the books and, therefore, whether Noblesse is right.

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