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And even if there is a leak from Apple iCloud

I still find this awesome. That people feel iCloud should be more secure than the competition. Where does this feeling come from?

I can’t imagine it at all. There is no objective reason to believe that iCloud should be more secure. I’d rather expect the opposite. Apple has made quite a few (colossal) mistakes in security in its history, so I really can’t assume they suddenly have everything in order. They were the last of the big tech companies to introduce 2fa and so far they still have significant restrictions limiting their operation. You should always use an Apple device for 2fa, while with Google, Microsoft and others it is not necessary. It also passes over 2FA at Apple Much easier Then it should. iCloud had a lot of problems with data that had to be deleted and that never became, which was about safari history in the cloud, about notes that should have been deleted and were never deleted and therefore recoverable. Even the photos you deleted from iCloud can be recovered. iPhone backups via iCloud and locally weren’t encrypted until recently, and until now they’re optional. How do the FBI and others obtain your iPhone data? Usually via an iTunes/iCloud backup.

But here too you see that if the case is that people are viewing other people’s photos, then the encryption is a joke and, in my opinion, done completely wrong.

But then we also got elevated privileges on macOS from a few years back as root only Leave the password blank. Then there’s a design flaw in iOS that makes the browser and iMessage a much weaker spot on iOS than the competition. Ensure that regularly with a file Double the simple web toolkit, you are so deep into the operating system that you can take over the entire device. Something impossible by design on Android and other operating systems. Also, a long time ago, when filevault password was 2 plain text It was written to logs.

A lot of this stuff is just laziness and stupidity and not a security priority. Apple can still shout loudly that it’s secure and privacy-friendly, and we seem to think it’s a business rather than the actual method of this practice. It is no coincidence that will be spent For Android FCP is higher than that for iOS. For Android, it’s simply more difficult. Although not many people think so.

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