Windows Business Users Report Deleted Items in the Start Menu and Taskbar – Computer – News

Windows users, including within companies that use Microsoft 365 and Defender, may experience app shortcuts that automatically disappear from the start menu or taskbar. Microsoft has issued an advisory to contain the problem.

in Explanation Sent to administrators, Microsoft says it has received certain messages Base attack reducing surface With the description, “Block Win32 API calls from Office macros” is responsible for this. In the meantime Microsoft recommends Sets the asr rule to Audit Mode to reduce the impact further. It is also possible to use a file Disabled mode to activate the rule.

Microsoft reported Instead of investigating the mentioned issue, which may be causing the shortcut icons to not appear or not work. In addition, the company has already indicated that it is investigating whether recent changes in Microsoft Defender are the cause of the problem. The problem seems to center around a recent Windows Defender update, specifically update KB2267602.

The proposed modification will not completely eliminate the problem and at most will prevent the problem from continuing. Microsoft has not yet provided a final solution and has not yet provided advice to administrators on how to get missing shortcuts to work again. company Say That the retraction has begun may take several hours.

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