Windows 11 build 25169 includes new Spotlight themes and multi-application kiosk mode – Computer – News

Sorry, but your first point is really invalid as you can build your own system without any problems. At least I’m assuming you’re building a computer with fairly modern components or am I wrong? Buying Windows 11 legally is as easy as buying a Windows 10 license.

The second point is the one that always amazes me. We throw away almost all of our personal belongings and keep them directly or indirectly in various places on the network, but logging into an operating system via an online account is a disaster. I totally agree that it should be a choice, not an obligation, but the narrow thing some have is also an extreme. I even thought you can also login with other online accounts like google.

By the way, doesn’t Edge get pushed down like this “default app happens”? Do you want Chome, Vivaldi or FireFox then you can and with some tweaking it can become your default browser too. By the way, what’s so bad about Edge (OK, it’s not my choice either, but is it really that bad?)

By the way, installing a different browser and applications is quite normal, Apple also does this. It also seems very natural to me from the point of view that the product should provide a complete and complete user experience. You don’t want to just look at a blank screen with your mouse pointer after installing Windows, do you?

Well, with some “commitments” you can actually raise eyebrows, but given the core target group, I don’t think Windows (also 11) is so bad after all.

Keep in mind that I’m a 99% Linux user, this is about free choice and not that I think Windows is bad per se.

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