Win Oppo Band 2 worth €79!

Win Oppo Band 2 worth €79!

It’s the first day of the month so the first slot of Android Planet’s advent calendar is open. Today you can win a smart wearable from OPPO, so read on!

Read on after the announcement.

Android Planet advent calendar

It’s 3pm and that means it’s time to put square one in robot planetOpen advent calendar. Today we give away OPPO Band 2, a new one modern wearable.

You probably know OPPO from many of the smartphones the manufacturer sells, but the brand also has smartwatches, earphones, and a tablet. The OPPO Band 2 was recently announced, and as mentioned, you can win it today.

December 1: Get a chance to win OPPO Band 2

The oppo band 2 It is a bit between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. The device is not very expensive at 79 euros, but it offers all kinds of useful (healthy) functions. What is important is the 1.57-inch AMOLED screen, which presents a nice and clear picture, and has thinner bezels than those of the previous OPPO Band.

You can set different watch faces (dials) and track all kinds of workouts. For example, there are many options for runners in particular, but there is also a new tennis mode available. If you don’t like running or playing tennis, the OPPO Band 2 is of course easy to wear.

Also nice: the OPPO Band 2 tracks how well you sleep and has a heart rate monitor. The battery lasts a long time. According to OPPO, you can last up to 14 days without charging. If your wearable is empty, you can refill it completely in less than an hour. Five minutes of energy is enough for a whole day.

For this gift we want oppo Thank you for sponsoring Band 2! The suggested retail price for this wearable is €79.

How do I win the prize?

From 1 December It seems every working day Around 15.00 news items on Android Planet and at the same time opening a box on our calendar! This way you know what you have a chance of winning that day and how you can participate. You will find one in the article Link to Google FormWhere we ask you some questions such as your name and email address. Once you sign up you are participating!

All information at a glance

Want to know more about this Android Planet Win Month? Then show ours Android Planet Advent Calendar 2022 Actions page. There you will find the calendar, the full list of winners and winners and of course all the FAQs respectively.

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