Win a €100 Moose Gift Voucher!

Win a €100 Moose Gift Voucher!

Protect your Android phone with a durable case from Mouse. Today you can win a €100 gift voucher in Android Planet’s advent calendar.

Read on after the announcement.

Android Planet advent calendar

It’s a new day and of course we have a great price for you today. It’s a gift voucher from Mous, a company that has been making covers for smartphones, tablets, and laptops for many years. You can read how to participate in this article.

December 2nd: Win a Moose gift voucher

If you’ve just bought a new phone, you naturally want to do everything you can to keep it beautiful and scratch-free for as long as possible. So the issue is necessary and with it the mouse They have a lot of them.

For example, you can choose from many covers for all recent Samsung Galaxy S devices, but great cases for Pixel phones are also available. It’s very easy now that Google Pixel smartphones are officially on sale in the Netherlands!

You can also use the gift voucher for completely different products. For example, Mous sells backpacks, wireless chargers, screen protectors, and laptop bags. If you win a gift card, you have a lot to choose from. Read below how you can win the coupon.

For this gift we want the mouse Thank you for sponsoring the gift card! Its value is 100 euros.

How do I win the prize?

From 1 December It seems every working day A news item on Android Planet and opening a box on our calendar at the same time! This way you know what you have a chance of winning that day and how you can participate. You will find one in the article Link to Google FormWhere we ask you some questions such as your name and email address. Once you sign up you are participating!

All information at a glance

Want to know more about this Android Planet Win Month? Then watch ours Android Planet Advent Calendar 2022 Actions page. There you will find the calendar, the full list of winners and winners and of course all the FAQs respectively.

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