Willie Alberti is “sad” to make a statement against Johnny

Willie Alberti is "sad" to make a statement against Johnny

With father Willie Alberti (whose real name is Carel Verbrugge) and Uncle Johnny Jordan, you can safely say that Willeke grew up in a special musical family. It wasn’t long before she followed in her father’s footsteps. She played her first music at the age of eleven. But it all comes to an end, and next month Willicki will go on a solo tour for the last time before ending her 65-year career.

Her ability to step onto the stage once again might be a relief to Lolicki, who fell into a black hole when the aura started. “You yourself are the first to know you’re fine, and I’ve felt so good because I haven’t been feeling well lately,” she says candidly. Not only is she no longer able to perform, but her children and grandchildren are not allowed to visit due to Corona. And that was very difficult for the Amsterdam citizen.

For Loki, her family means everything. So she becomes emotional when broadcaster Art Ruijkers asks about her son Johnny, who is accused of assault and attempted murder by ex-Shima Case. “I have said: No one should touch my children, my grandchildren, my daughters and my in-laws. That’s it. I only get so sad when things are said that make me sad, because I know how it goes.”

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On the broadcast, Willeke also opens a book about her love life:

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