March 31, 2023

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William Rutten in a Celebrity Conversation: 'It's not about the pursuit of influence' TV

William Rutten in a Celebrity Conversation: ‘It’s not about the pursuit of influence’ TV

The program started as part of Show news. Using his archives as a starting point, Rutten himself took notes for the conversations. “That still is the case, there’s suddenly no whole team behind it. What you see is what you get: I have frank and honest dialogues. In a familiar setting: I shoot many celebrities in my studio early in their careers and I still follow them.”

At the age of 16 – Rotten is now 51 – he already set his first record with Gerard Juling. “I wanted to be a photographer and he allowed me to join the charity. Then I ended up where there were other stars. This was my entry into the world of magazines: I got a job at Hitkrant. My mother preferred that I finish school, but Henk Westbrook called her and told her it was an opportunity Fortunately, she saw that, too.”

Joling is a celebrity on the show, and has also been seen on the internet. New names have been added, such as Wendy van Dijk and André van Duin. “At Televizierring-Gala I saw him two years ago with his husband Martin. I was there to photograph the winner, but they sat in the room so beautifully that I once typed. Not interested in the effect: I doubted whether I should show that photo. But Andre spoke so beautifully About Martin so much that I dared.The picture moved him.

Rutten has never aspired to a place in the spotlight himself. “When I’m on TV, it’s an ambassador for our beautiful profession. I don’t do anything coercive, not even inside. on a sensitive plate. I am not Evo Nihi who speaks 86 languages. It’s a compliment that the big bosses also wanted it on TV.”

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