Willem’s bike broke in half due to a production error: “I feel pain every day”

Willems fiets brak doormidden door een productiefout: ''Ik heb elke dag pijn''

Willem Adrian from Eindhoven became the victim of a strange accident. During a trip to the supermarket, his bike unexpectedly breaks in half. Reason: production error. The fall left Willem with permanent health problems.

It appears that the breakage of the bike was due to a production error by the bike manufacturer Sparta. As a result, the frame is very weak and can break with heavy use. The summon has completely surpassed Willem. “I didn’t see it anywhere on TV or the Internet. I didn’t even know there was a procedure going on. A friend told me,” says Willem.

Tietze syndrome
Willem’s fall has greater consequences than first thought. After severe pain in his chest, he was diagnosed with Tietze syndrome. The disease (appropriately named Fitz syndrome by Willem) could not be cured. William now suffers from chronic pain. The pain intensifies, especially with coughing and certain movements in the upper part of his body. “I can no longer sit properly. For example, I have to sit on a lawn chair to support my arm, or else I will die of pain.”

According to Eindhoven lawyer Guido Schakenrad, compensation is appropriate here. The company issued a recall indicating a defect in the product. Then we talk about product responsibility,” explains Schakkenrad. Willem mainly wants to warn the other owners of Sparta with his story. And he will be happy if he gets a new e-bike. “I don’t dare to ride this bike anymore.”

If it can be shown that a production error caused the fall, and the fall later caused Tietze’s syndrome, then according to attorney Schackenrad, there is more to claim than just a new bike.

“Once such a link is established, they then look at loss of income, compensation for suffering, compensation for special treatments, help with the family…etc. And although things are not that bad in the Netherlands, such compensation can That in some cases millions of euros are still working.

Despite this, Willem Adrian is still reluctant to file a lawsuit. He is afraid of higher costs if he loses the case. Sparta could not be reached for comment at short notice.

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