Will Intel return to the high-end processor market with Alder Lake-X?

Will Intel return to the high-end processor market with Alder Lake-X?

Intel may return to the high-end desktop market segment with the Alder Lake-X processor. This is what he usually says reliable Tom’s devices by adding to AIDA64 changelog† The suffix “X” has been used by Intel for many years to indicate that the processor is an evolving variant of today’s desktop processors. However, the last hedt processor is from 2019 in the form of Cascade Lake-X, with a max of 18 cores.

It is not clear what exactly Alder Lake-X is. There are theories that the ADL-X is a consumer alternative to the Sapphire Rapids microarchitecture that includes an open multiplier for overclocking. Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids both use “Golden Cove” performance cores (p cores). Both models use variants of this, respectively for the consumer and server market. It’s entirely possible that both Alder Lake-X and Sapphire Rapids-X will be released, with the same amount of cores, but with eight-channel memory support and AVX512 for Sapphire Rapids. Alder Lake AVX512 is not supported.

In any case, Alder Lake-X will have to compete with AMD’s Ryzen 5000 Threadripper Pro CPUs with up to 64 Zen 3 cores. So far, there have been several delivery issues with Threadripper processors since the last quarter of last year. As a result, it is unknown if non-professional Threadrippers will be launched.

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